(Ages 2-3): For those little ones just starting to move, Show Tyme's youngest class will introduce them to the wonders of movement and all the fascinating things they can do with it



(Ages 4-6, Levels 1 & 2): The perfect class for parents wondering whether or not dance is for their kids. Ballet introduction with basic fundamentals mixed with imagination and creativity.


(Levels 1-6): A dance form commonly recognized for it's precise and highly formalized steps and gestures. Classes are taught both on and off pointe, at the discretion of our dance instructors.


(Levels 1-6): Consisting of jumps, turns, flexibility, conditioning and basic acrobatics, Show Tyme's Jazz classes are fun, upbeat, and are guaranteed to keep your child engaged while improving their skill level.


(Levels 1-5): Show Tyme's Tap staff has over 30 years of Tap performance experience!! Our classes are sure to get your child's toes (and heels!!) grooving to the beat.


(Levels 3-6): Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements and focus on floor work and organic movement.


(Levels 1-5): Hip-Hop is a fun and upbeat style that celebrates urban movement and multiple dance genres and cultures. Teachers use current music and accessible choreography to get kids moving. Hip Hop unites its participants with its easy-going and fun vibe.



(Grades 6-12): Featuring voice and acting instruction, this 2-for-1 class culminates in performances in both the fall and spring complete with laughs, spotlight, and beautiful melodies!!


(Grades 6-12): Improvisational theatre, or improv, is a form of theatre in which most or all of what is performed is unscripted; created spontaneously by the performers. Show Tyme's Improv Theatre class will teach students how to think creatively, instantaneously, and hilariously!!


A dance class for children of all abilities. Led by knowledgeable  staff, with expert training from all over the county. danceABLE is a surefire way to get any child moving and grooving!!

Adult Tap

Sometimes you just want to Tap and Adult Tap is the place to do it and do it well. Sign up to


Show Tyme Academy Guided Education

A Program that prepares advanced dancers, with career intent, for the professional company experience. Learn more today!!

Show Tyme


Show Tyme Academy offers two different levels of performance groups. Selected based on effort, dedication, talent, leadership, and love of performing. Company members represent Show Tyme Academy both in Missoula and abroad.

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